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Understanding Cannabis
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Understanding Cannabis

The Best Techniques for Growing Cannabis

Cannabis also known as marijuana is a popular plant grown for leaves that are used for numerous functions. Some uses of marijuana for recreation and for medicinal purposes each with a specific mode of action. Recreational purposes of cannabis come about when the drug acts on some parts of the brain like the frontal lobe to cause laughter. As in recreational purposes, treatment using marijuana works basing on the system it targets as for glaucoma treatment marijuana acts by reducing intraocular pressure. Owing to these and many more other functions, marijuana deserves to be grown under the best conditions to ensure its continual supply.

Growing marijuana doesn’t just start anywhere, it should begin at selection of female seeds for planting. Leave buds from female marijuana plants have more chemical content than the male buds and that is why the female plants are preferred. Mixed gender of a cannabis garden is not advisable if it is being done for the produce as it will be so much lower than if only female plants were present. The reason where mixing the male and female plants reduces produce is because the male plant starts producing pollen grains that fertilize the flowers of the females leading to seed production instead of leave production.

Cannabis like any other plant needs to be grown on fertile soil to increase its produce and maintain good health. All nutrients required by crops should be available in the soil where cannabis is grown as a deficiency of these nutrients leads production of low quality or small sized leaves especially if the missing nutrients is a nitrate. Provision of quality and unlimited light ensures better health and production by marijuana. Light is used in a crucial process in plants known as photosynthesis which when deficient or absent guarantees death of the plant.
Photosynthesis is of so much importance as it is the process that gives plants uniqueness of synthesizing glucose, if this process fails, the plant cannot reach maturity as glucose is necessary for growth of plants.

For optimal produce and health, marijuana needs to be grown at its optimum temperature that varies for the day and night but a constant of 24 degrees Celsius is good enough. Growing marijuana is possible under cooler or hotter conditions bout it is done indoors and the temperature is regulated with the help of automated air conditioners and heaters depending on the deviation of the temperatures. Air ventilation should also be at optimum where the plant is grown indoors to prevent molding that could be fatal to users of the drug, ventilation is maintained by use of fans in this case. Humidity levels should be average during vegetative periods and should be lowered during the formation of flowers to avoid mold formation.

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