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If You Read One Article About Trends, Read This One

How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring can feel like an intuitive task especially if you trust your good judgment too much. However, you may be unhappily shocked to realize that it’s not easy to arbitrarily walk into a jewelry store and soon emerge with an engagement ring that is perfect. Don’t forget that an engagement ring is one of the special accessories that your spouse will be adorning every single day so if you fail getting the right one, it will mean that you will be wearing an accessory that you really don’t like hence wasting money because it won’t be worn as expected. The following are some few elements that can give guidance on how to pick out the best engagement ring that can save you future agony and the same time be attractive to your spouse.

The first and most important is on taste and preference. It is always easier to pick out an engagement ring from the counter if you are purchasing for yourself. But if it’s your partner’s, then you’ll need to have spent some more significant time with them to learn their likes and dislikes. Sometimes though, you may have to just act on a hunch and hope that they’ll like it, particularly if you trust yourself to harbor supremely good taste.

Ensure that you get the size of the ring right as well. This is particularly challenging if the intended recipient of the ring is your partner and you still want to maintain the element of surprise. Luckily for you, there are a number of canny approaches that you can utilize to get the size right without blowing your cover. One idea is to secretly “steal” one of their rings and go with it to the jewelry store. This is a sure way of getting the ring fit on you perfectly. You could also try the more old-school approach of tying a string around their ring finger while they are asleep and then taking note of the dimensions of the string. Luckily, a good number of jewelry store are aware of chances that the ring might not be fitting appropriately hence offer a resizing service freely or at a small fee basing on terms that were agreed upon.

An additional element that should be put in place is the budget that the ring is set aside for. The cost of engagement rings can range from the downright cheap ones that fade within the first week of wearing to the obnoxiously expensive ones that celebrities buy to make a statement. Beauty, however, is in the eyes of the beholder and buying an extremely expensive ring does not always translate to how stunning it looks. When choosing, go for the one that gives you the best value at the right price.

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If You Read One Article About Trends, Read This One