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4 Lessons Learned: Tips

Some Tips to Look for in a Cordless Lawn Mower

You might find it difficult where to start if you are planning to purchase a cordless lawn mower, especially you are used to using a corded electric lawn mower or a gas powered lawn mower. Be informed that there are broad similarities as well as important differences between a traditional lawn mower to that of a cordless lawn mower that we will enumerate briefly here, and these things have to be considered carefully before making the purchase.

The first aspect about your lawn that you have to consider is to know how big is your lawn and if the terrain is flat or slope.

As you are considering to purchase a new mower, check out the battery life of the mower as you have the idea of the size of the lawn. Be aware of the performance of a good quality cordless lawn mower which is its ability to cut up to a third of an acre from one charge, and will vary slightly depending on the length of the grass and if it is wet or dry.

You can still buy a cordless mower even if your lawn is larger than a third of an acre. Buying a model with a removable battery and then buy a second battery is the easiest way to address the above concern. Thus, with two batteries, you can easily swap them when one battery has lost its charge and have another one that is completely charged. Batteries can be easily removed and installed and so no need to be concern of this procedure.

Unlike gas powered lawn mowers which are self-propelled, most cordless lawn mowers are not, and so it is important to know if the lawn is flat or slope. This is because the terrain would add to the strain on the battery of a cordless mower and thus would reduce the area you will work on from one charge of battery.

The answer to this concern led to the making of a less light weight cordless mowers compared to the gas powered mowers, with the battery as usually the heaviest component. With this characteristic, a cordless lawn mower is easy for you to navigate, although if you have a slope lawn and the weight still is an issue, take into some consideration of the matter.

Know that many cordless lawn mowers have a 3 in 1 feature, meaning it can dispose the grass clippings, gives you the choice of the cutting of the clippings into fine particles to make a mulch that can be simply discharged out of the side of the mower, or have the cuttings collected in the rear part of the equipment the traditional way.

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